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Gabriel Azoulay

September 7 - 14, 2018

Yoga in the 21st Century
Make Yoga a Daily Lifestyle

Over 7 days you will discover what are the most important aspects of physical practice to prevent illness, slow down aging, expand your energy and fill you with a sense of joy and purpose.

Yoga has become popular and commercial. An incredible testament to the benefits it offers.  Yet with popularity often comes a simplification that can miss the real secrets of the practice.

With over 25 years of practice and teaching experience, Gabriel (GabeYoga) has taught all over the world and studied under deceased masters. He has seen hundreds of bodies transform through application of correct sequencing and modern application of yoga philosophy. His teachings evoke Osho’s humor and insight, David Williams soft approach to Ashtanga, and Iyengar’s faith in the power of Yoga.

Yoga is more than the body, yet its through the physical form that we experience the world.  We will use this body to spirit connection to discover how to keep our health yet immerse in the joy of existence.

The retreat includes daily yoga and vegetarian lunch meals.

Morning ashtanga-vinyasa inspired practice, connecting the power of preventative maintenance and application to daily life.

Three afternoon workshops on Mindfulness, Healthy Living and Yoga in 21st Century will be offered during the week.

Evening Yin Yoga that outlines the most crucial postures for longevity and health.

Accommodation included in nearby beach hotel.



'Harness the Power of Yoga'

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Mindfulness workshop -
What is mindfulness?
How the 21st century yogi recognizes that mindfulness is another word for yoga?
Application of mindfulness to negative emotional balance.

Healthy Living -
With an advanced degree from the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Gabe will discuss the differences between secondary food and primary food.
Insight into bio individuality and the power of detox.
Invaluable understanding on how to eat for life.

Yoga in the 21st Century -
Yoga's popularity and commercialism masks the deeper essence of what yoga offers.
Yoga is more than poses as you will discover by looking at the evolution from the Bhagavad Gita and unto Patanjali.
Exploration of Patanjali's Sutras and what they offer for the modern life.

Cost of Course:

€1000  single room
€ 960  per person, shared room.

(book before July 7th and get a €30 discount)

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For all courses please, bring your own yoga mat.

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