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Anusara Yoga

Yoga practice is the sacred technology offering us full participation into identification, connection and relationship. To oneself; to the world; to our potential. From the most overt experience of life to its deepest subtleties, Yoga practices bring us clarity, authenticity, and intimacy of self.

All who come to this yoga retreat are welcome and encouraged, young and old, "new" to "advanced", including those who have previous injury or limitations.

Enjoy a week or 2 of sun, of sea, of practice, of play. Give yourself a moment of pause, to listen, to connect, to embrace and revel in the grace that is you.

Todd Tesen has been a student of yoga and meditation for his entire adult life. He began his contemplative practices while still at University with daily meditation that created in him the dedication for continued practice and the space to reflect and question. From his seated practice to participating in mindful walking groups around campus, meditation became the cornerstone of his undergraduate experience.

Yoga asana came to Todd, post graduation. At first, his practice was simply moving through yoga forms to explore their effect on the body. His first two years of practice consisted of a ninety minute daily experience. Without fail, he diligently practiced. By his mid twenties, being rooted in meditation and asana, Todd started to explore the different schools of yoga instruction. This quest would take him from the practices of Hatha Yoga and Sivananda Yoga to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Still present in his practice and teaching today, one can find the roots of and his love for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

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In 2001, Todd stumbled upon the fledgling school of Anusara Yoga. He recognized the clear sophistication and efficacy of its practice and methodology and immediately commenced studying the school’s system and instruction. His evolving practice led him to the most important introduction of his journey; meeting his teacher and friend, world renowned tantric scholar, Dr. Douglas Brooks with whom he continues regular study today. Combining Anusara Yoga’s asana technology and the revolutionary philosophic teachings of Brooks’ Rajanaka Yoga, Todd discovered the potency of scientific sophistication paired with artistic expression. Body, breath, mind and spirit blended perfectly to uncover their synergetic evolutionary relationship.

By 2003, Todd was teaching under the auspices of Anusara Yoga, and by 2007, he was traveling the world as a respected Certified Anusara Yoga instructor. Currently based back in the United States, Todd is a Licensed E-RYT500 Certified Yoga Instructor, who continues to practice daily and teach throughout the U.S, Mexico and South America as well as internationally crisscrossing Europe including France, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Turkey and Bali. Additionally, he teaches online at

Known for his sense of humor, steadiness and the easy manner of his teaching style, Todd is also respected as the teacher who will challenge the student to linger in the depths and edges of each posture while guiding them to cultivated subtle refinements. His favorite question, “Now, what are you prepared to do?” rings out regularly, embodying serious support with detailed instruction while being invited to the underlying philosophy and science that is Yoga.

For all yoga courses, please bring your own yoga mat.

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