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Our guests stay in the village in hotels by the sea. There are quite a few, each with a special attraction though broadly similar in standard. They all have twin rooms with en suite shower and toilet, and air-conditioning.

For the sake of conviviality, community and convenience, each visiting group is usually placed together in one hotel during their yoga retreat.

In the last few years we have most often enjoyed the hospitality of the Babana hotel in Gölköy, which was stylishly refurbished and has now had its restaurant and bar area even more stylishly refurbished again.  The Babana is at the nearest end of the beach to the Yoga Centre where the practice takes place.

There may also be an option to stay at the Mandalya hotel.  The Mandalya hotel is just a few steps further along the beach and was our preferred hotel for many years until the first refurbishment of the Babana.  The Mandalya is also a family run hotel which still retains a more traditional style for the village and is the quieter of these 2 hotels.  For that reason some of our visitors have preferred it recently.

You can find a good set of photos of each hotel by clicking the links below.

Welcome to the Babana!

Palm grove!

The hotel will serve your breakfast. Then, from the beginning of your course on Tuesday, lunch and 4 light evening meals will be served at the Yoga Centre after your practice. On Mondays there will be no meals provided at the Yoga Centre as this is the travelling day. There are 2 evenings when there is no yoga class and no meal at the Centre. On those days our guests like to visit Bodrum or sample the local cuisine on the seaside in the village or in Türkbükü.

Babana Room

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Hotel Details

Babana Tel: 0090 252 357 7198

Mandalya Tel: 0090 252 357 7017                                                                                      mandalya-hotel.turkbuku

In July and August Gölköy and Türkbükü is a very popular area for Istanbul Turks. They fill the hotels and their summer houses and the atmosphere of the village changes from peaceful to more a lively and party-going style. For this reason we have currently decided not to run any yoga retreats in the high season.

Please remember to bring your mosquito repellant, sunglasses, sun hat, protection cream, walking shoes and torch (flashlight). And your yoga mat!

Mandalya jetty

Mandalya garden

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