19 Wednesday Jan 2022


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In this second year of great change the first thing to say is that we sincerely hope that all our friends and acquaintances and all your friends and acquaintances are well and coming through this plague without being excessively battered.

Next is the news is that although Gölköy is baking under the record temperatures blasting the whole Mediterranean area, the devastating fires haven't touched our area so far and we pray both that it stays that way, and that the fires that are burning near the airport are soon put out.

In the UK, the summer is characteristically moody and with the not-very-cautious reopening we should have been looking forward to our warm September yoga programme.  All the same, Covid conditions across the world are still volatile and we remain vulnerable to new strains.  Travel may be becoming more possible even while changes at short notice are still inhibiting it.  The case incidence in the UK, as also in Turkey, remains stubbornly in the 20 thousands even if the death rates are comparatively low.  Respiratory infections do not normally thrive in summer, but in spite of the vaccination thrust this is how it is.  

The bottom line is that Turkey remains in the UK's 'red' zone, meaning that travel from England is virtually banned.

In such a climate of obstacles and continued uncertainty it has not been possible to host any yoga courses this year.  So now we are focusing on next year already with the hope that our recently renovated yoga terrace will burst into life in the spring.

We are missing all of our old friends so much and hoping that your lives are happily moving into the new normal at last.

Best wishes to everyone,

Pervin and Michael

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International teachers offer their rich, diverse experience to small groups ensuring that you receive close, individual attention. Courses are tailored to the needs and experience of the students and are open to complete beginners as well as to more experienced yogis and yoginis.

Visitors stay in small and friendly family hotels on the seaside or set in mandarine orchards. A gentle walk on a country lane brings you to the Yoga Centre for practice and meals.

Varied and delicious, mainly vegetarian meals are prepared for you by a village cook and shared in the warm tradition of truly generous Turkish hospitality. The colours and aromas delight the eye and nourish the soul.

Bodrum/Milas (BJV) is the local airport, about 45 minutes drive away. (Please note: new visa arrangements.) During the ride along the seaside and through the pine forests you immediately begin to absorb the fresh and scented atmosphere that liberates your breath.


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Every morning there is the main yoga practice of the day followed by lunch. Then there is plenty of free time in the afternoons to visit Bodrum, the Turkish baths, local markets, sometimes to go walking across the hills or just relax on the seafront or by the pool. In the early evening there is a second, quieter class before supper on most days.

Yoga courses are complemented by Thai massage or shiatsu, and walking on the mountain and in the forest, depending on which week you visit us.

The cost for a one week course will differ according to the stages of the season with discounts for early booking and for previous visitors. This includes tuition, hotel accommodation for 7 nights and all meals except for 3 evenings when people like to eat out in Bodrum or by the sea, absorbing the local atmosphere.

Each course starts on Tuesday at 10 a.m. and finishes on Sunday evening. Monday is a day for resting and travel.

For all Yoga Courses, please bring your own Yoga Mat.

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