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May 2024

 May 27 - June 3  Michael Stewart  Shanta Vira Yoga

June - July - August

 No Courses    


Sept 16 - 23  Michael Cullingworth  Okido Yoga and Meditation


One Source, Many Paths

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We invite teachers from many different disciplines and therefore are able to offer courses in varied styles including Astanga, Anusara, Flowing and Hatha yoga. The classes are usually for mixed abilities. Our teachers tailor the courses according to the needs of individual students. Please look at the course descriptions for more information.

Outline of a typical day

Time Activity
7.30 Breakfast
  Walk to yoga centre*
10.00 Yoga practice**
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Walk to the beach or the pool
  Treatments may be available in the afternoon
 18.00 Evening yoga practice/creativity/meditation at the Yoga Centre
19.30 Light Supper

* Lifts can be arranged when it’s too hot.

** Some teachers will start the morning practice earlier in which case Brunch will follow.

"Different yoga styles are like rivers pouring into the same ocean"

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