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Okido Yoga and Meditation

September 16 - 23, 2024

Okido Yoga was developed by the Japanese master Masahiro Oki. It is a holistic way of listening to the Life Force.

Okido Yoga's clarity of vision, dynamic exercises and the way it can be practically applied to daily life is especially valued by its followers.

The beginning of yoga practice is often the physical side: the desire for a body with poise and the ability to move freely, powerfully and naturally through daily life situations. This will be our starting point, practising asana to find the appropriate physical condition for whatever you want to do. Then, as we concentrate on movement and posture, breathing, energy flow and focus become clarified until we can just sit in peace and harmony.

During this yoga retreat we will practise on our terrace in the mornings. Having balanced our posture the 4 afternoon sessions will then be dedicated to Zen meditation and mindfulness practices including a brief introduction to some influential Zen Masters. On some afternoons we may also introduce you to our favourite walks across the hills and mountains of the Bodrum peninsula. Come and join the serious fun!

In the teaching of Japanese Master Masahiro Oki many disciplines from Zen to martial arts and oriental medicine have been blended with more traditional yoga to form a uniquely fluid, dynamic and adaptable system. Within it, everyone from beginner to advanced can take each exercise to the right point for their condition and ability.

Michael’s first intense experience of Okido yoga was in 1989 and he has been a constant devotee since then, studying with Hirotsugu Mori, Tomoko Mori, Mizue Tamaki and many others as well as all the visiting teachers of 'Health and Yoga Holidays.'

Alongside yoga, Michael has been studying and practising bodywork, principally shiatsu, for 35 years in England and Japan. Most recently he has joined the junior Zen teachers' programme with Zenways under Daizan Skinner Roshi and is a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher.  He is a director of the New Cross Natural Therapy Centre ( and teaches yoga in London. He also has a black belt in Aikido.

Shiatsu treatments may be available on some afternoons at a special rate for course participants.

Strengthen your Life Force

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Cost of courses:


Babana Hotel : £825 with a single room
                            £625 per person sharing with a friend

Mandalya Hotel : £ ? with a single room
                            £ ? per person sharing with a friend


Previous Visitors

'I just came back from a memorable yoga retreat organised with lots of care by Yoga Turkey.  Yoga was great and Michael is a very able teacher - he is knowledgeable about many types of yoga and his shiatsu training enables him to guide body alignment in a way that made a real, long lasting difference to my practice.  He also introduced me to Okido yoga, inspiring me to sign up for the  Okido yoga retreat in UK in October, with Michael and others.  Michael is also a Zen mindfulness teacher, so we did not only yoga, but also Pranayama and meditation, which made the retreat even fuller.

But it wasn't just food for soul!  We had the most delicious imaginative expertly cooked vegetarian lunches and dinners with Michael, Pervin and their Turkish family.  They were all so welcoming and made us feel part of the family!  And their house/yoga retreat is an oasis of peace - I came back feeling quite a new person!'

Tanya D

'Michael stepped in at the last moment to run the yoga week when my normal teacher had to pull out.  My partner and I had no idea what to expect and were concerned about a week with and unknown teacher – we needn’t have been.  Michael has an encyclopaedic knowledge and deep understanding of yoga which he shares with charm and expertise.  The practice over the week covered many different aspects and styles of yoga in a well thought-out programme.  The yoga studio was a delight, an open tiled area with a bamboo roof covering to protect from the sun and set in a beautiful garden in his home, and also next to the dining area where we received gorgeous vegetarian food that we ate with his family.  All in all, practice with Michael was a joy and a fulfilling and delightful experience.'
Dr George W, London

"Whether you are a lapsed regular like me or more disciplined like others in our class Okido Yoga led by Michael Cullingworth for one week is an excellent way to boost one’s yoga practice, enjoy a stunning corner of Turkey, good food and company. His yoga terrace is a delight to behold, situated in an olive grove and shrouded by bougainvillea. It is a 20 minute walk from the main hotels of Gölköy where all the guests stay. This is all just 30 minutes by taxi from Bodrum airport.

"Michael structures your week from Tuesday to Sunday with six days of well thought yoga practice to challenge and to give confidence. Each day you find yourself building on one more move and posture so that you are confident that you are moving on step by step. He allows plenty of time for practice and to give remedial help to those who need it. By way of example, on day four we strove hard in the sunlight to reach a back bend. By day five we were moving into inversions after reviewing back bends. At the end of each morning you feel stretched and with a sense of achievement. Each day starts with Michael giving a brief introduction to the philosophy of Okido yoga. The evening sessions are usually an hour long to balance out the morning‘s exercise and include breathing, meditation and restorative poses.

"The day is structured so that you have plenty of time to enjoy the dramatic views of the peninsula admiring mountain and sea from the beach and of course take a swim.

"Michael and his partner Pervin organise a delicious vegetarian lunch for the class after the morning session (more on the food anon as it merits an entire book) and also a supper after the evening session.

"Did I say that the food is delicious? The cuisine chez Michael and Pervin is a joyous abundance of local produce including salads, leeks, aubergine, celeriac, plus plums, pears, peaches and the occasional home baked cake . The food on offer puts the good work of Mr Ottolenghi in the shade. This is all home cooked using local produce and of course all vegetarian. You will never want to eat M&S meal deal for two ever again.

"I would definitely rebook to come on this course again. It has given me confidence to restart yoga practice and has resolved some niggling back problems. At time of writing, I am physically and mentally refreshed and ready to tackle a long British winter."

Sarah D., London

“I really value the way that Michael brings together so many aspects of Okido Yoga, firmly rooted in his many years of study and experience.

I always feel I can sink into the day and ride the wave of the various practices in the safe and pleasant space he creates. On top of feeling physically and spiritually recharged by the end, I’m left with the pearls of wisdom that he so beautifully communicates in just a few words.

I highly recommend the workshops to experienced Okido students and newcomers alike.”

Junko: yoga teacher, London

"I have only good things to say about the Turkey yoga holiday. The accommodation was lovely and right by the sea, the food provided was authentic, healthy and delicious, and last but no means least the teaching was superb.

Michael gives individual attention, and is sensitive to different students abilities and needs. He brings wisdom and fun to the classes, he is encouraging and gentle.

The environment complemented the yoga practice, and the general atmosphere was one of friendship and learning. I highly recommend this yoga holiday to beginners and advanced students alike. I look forward to going again." Tania K, London.

"Form is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from form. Form is emptiness, emptiness is form." - The Heart Sutra

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