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The Freedom of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Enjoy practising the ancient arts of yoga and meditation, two unique methods for developing a healthy body and mind.

Whereas in yoga the combination of asanas and breath awareness is designed to make our body strong and supple and our mind calm and receptive, in meditation the emphasis is on being mindful of all physical, emotional and mental states, thereby calming and clearing the mind.

Nick's yoga practise is based on Iyengar yoga, which emphasises precision and alignment, and by sometimes using props such as belts and blocks facilitates a better understanding and experience of asanas.  His meditation practice is based on the Buddhist Vipassana tradition.

All morning sessions will consist of practising asanas in a dynamic and vigorous way and special attention will be given to beginners. The evening sessions will focus on restorative postures, pranayama (breathing) and meditation.


'Yoga is more than physical.
It is cellular, mental, intellectual and spiritual - it involves man in his entire being'.
B.K.S. Iyengar

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Nick is a professional yoga teacher in London. He's been practising yoga for 25 years. He has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune, India, and many other yoga teachers, including those teaching other styles.

Nick is also a musician, performing regularly in and out of London.             

‘Our body is our first instrument.’       Yehudi Menuhin

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'Our body is our first instrument' - Yehudi Menuhin

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