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Travel Day

Monday is the travel day. At the beginning of the week you will arrive ready to start the course on Tuesday morning. At the end of the week you will be resting and getting ready for the return flight. There will normally be no class on the last Monday morning.


In a normal year (will this be a normal year?!) Bodrum/Milas airport (BJV) has flights arriving from various UK airports including Gatwick, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Also from Düsseldorf and many other places. Most charter flights to Bodrum from the UK are on a Monday - this is why we start all our courses on Tuesdays. Tickets (May - October) are between £174 and £198 return as a rough guideline. At the last check for May the range was £174 - £393.  For early September Easyjet was more expensive than Turkish Airlines, and that's without any baggage or meals included! The least expensive that we have found recently are on Tui or Jet2. There is a great variation of price throughout the season so booking early is advised. Turkish Airlines fly twice daily to Bodrum changing at Istanbul.


Many nationalities, including the UK, no longer need a VISA for entry to Turkey.  The system of checking how long you have been in the country is automatically checked on the day of departure.  You are allowed 90 days out of any period of 180 and it is counted backwards from the day of exiting.  There is no record other than the stamps in your passport, so it is down to you to keep count.

However, it is best to check whether a visa is required for your nationality.  Here is the link to the relevant website:

It is also best to keep checking what forms or tests may still be required since there have been so many changes in the last year, both coming and going.  Currently neither forms nor tests are required for Turkey.

Gölköy, the setting for yoga retreats
Back terrace, by Hanri


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From Bodrum/Milas airport to Gölköy is about 45 minutes by road. A safe and reliable taxi service runs from the airport at any hour. Taxis now run according to their meter and there is no longer a fixed price. However, the cost still turns out at about 1100TL (£28; €33).  There is raging inflation going on, so this will probably be out of date by the time you read it.  However, these Pound and Euro rates will probably be close.  Either show the map or say the name of the village and hotel. We always try to organize people to share a taxi with other course participants.

During the daytime there is a ‘Havas’, or 'Muttas' airport bus service which meets Turkish Airlines and Pegasus flights and takes you into the new Bodrum bus garage in Torba, outside town. Then you would take a minibus to Gölköy (28TL). If your flight is on Turkish Airlines or Pegasus or coincides roughly with one of their flights you can take this bus.


The current bank exchange rate is 38 YTL per pound sterling, 33 YTL per Euro (the tourist rate is a bit less). There are several cash machines at the airport - they are outside the domestic terminal. There are 5 cash machines in Gölköy and many in Türkbükü. In Bodrum banks are open till 5.30 and exchange offices (Döviz) are open till late in the peak season. Taxi drivers are happy to take foreign currency as well as Turkish money.

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