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The Alchemy of Love

Anna (Co-Founder of The Freestyle Yoga Project) will lead you through twice daily sessions, starting with a dynamic, ‘up-lifting’ practice in the morning (sometimes themed, perhaps focusing on hips / shoulders / backbends / inversions) woven together to find seamless, progressive transitions & movement, limbering and warming the body to help you find more mobility in the main joints, your spine, lesser joints & your breathing, followed by a more mellow approach in the late afternoon – each practice lasting about 2 hours.

You will be offered “hands on’ support / assists, if needs be, tailoring your existing practice or new practice (if yoga / movement is a new thing for you)…Anna is well known for her creative, progressive sequencing and will have a challenge for you – whether it be introducing alternative postures / movement, transitions or simply sitting still.

Arrive Monday, leave Monday  No classes on these days.


"Pure bliss, loved my time with you guys last year, and Michael and Pervin, such a beautiful experience xxx":  Natalie F.


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Anna Robertshaw

I started yoga just after the birth of my 3rd son…having never adhered to nor enjoyed any particular form of exercise and going through countless (mostly unused) gym memberships, aerobic classes, occasional runs – yoga transformed my mind, breathing, health, well being and, the by product, my body…

As a woman & mummy to 3 growing boys, the way I work gives me the flexibility, depending on everyone else's schedules ;) to keep fit, keep calm, keep breathing, maintain energy and stay focused. It’s my form of constant.

Things always change, nothing ever stays the same…the stability and piece of mind our movement / yoga brings to me and my students means we can embrace those ever changing life circumstances, creating a cyclical creative workout – marrying breath and movement which will leave you feeling blissed out and great… wanting more…


Cost of Course:

  single room
  per person, shared room.

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For all yoga courses, please bring your own yoga mat.

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