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Reunion Retreat, Gölköy 

May 27 - June 2, 2024

After a few years, of many changes in the world and within, Todd and Michael will be offering the practices that are currently inspiring them on their Yoga journey. Needless to say many perspectives have been altered and shifted since the last time they were here in Gölköy. This means that the practices will certainly reflect all that has changed in the physical, energetic and mental bodies, for them and all of us.

A clear indication of where these practices are going is to rememeber that Yoga is there to serve you, where you are in this moment. Todd and Michael are masterful at making these practices accessible for all levels of practitioner.

Our days will begin with practices relating to the subtle body. These will include Pranayama, Mantra and Meditations. Many of these will be woven into the rest of the days' practices. Of course you can expect there will be the usual blend of dynamic practices, playfully shared and explored to each practitioner's abilities. As always a full session of Asana with acute attention to alignment will be the central part of the day's offerings. We will also have a few evening sessions that could include functional movement, dynamic meditation, or satsang. What are all those you ask, well, come along and find out.

The week will be a memorable time, with many former students returning to co-create this experience. Come and be a part of this creation.

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Course Costs

Course costs:

£1325, single room at Babana hotel
£1150, shared room at Babana hotel

It may also be possible to stay at the Mandalya hotel if you are prepared to wait, they will not decide their rates till later.

For all yoga courses, please bring your own yoga mat.

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